UK government fails corporate responsibility test

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According to the Ethical Corporation the UK government's commitment to corporate responsibility has been downgraded somewhat.

The DTI has a minister whose portfolio includes corporate responsibility. She is now supported by just one half time official. Impressive, isn't it? This makes something of a mockery of their web site which claims:

Welcome to the Government's website on CSR. We have an ambitious vision for UK businesses to consider the economic, social and environmental impacts of their activities, wherever they operate in the world. This website connects you to information about what we are doing to help make that vision a reality.

Sorry, but I don't see it happening. Nor do I think the CSR brief can be covered by saying the Foreign Office has people responsible for the Extractive Industries Transport Initiative, Kimberley Process and the Voluntary Principles. They're all valuable. But they're a tiny part of CSR.

Put simply, the rhetoric is failing on this one. The government has to put its cash where its mouth and its web pages are or action will not happen.