If you don’t understand how corruption works – don’t do it

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The problems surrounding Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank continue. Take this from the Guardian:

The World Bank's future is in "crisis" over the pay scandal involving Paul Wolfowitz and his girlfriend, according to an influential European minister, as the embattled bank president accused critics of spreading "misleading information".

The Dutch development minister, Bert Koenders, told Reuters last night that he had "grave concern" over the controversy, which revolves around a promotion and pay rise awarded to Mr Wolfowitz's girlfriend, saying: "I see this as a substantial crisis for the institution."

The problem is simply defined. Wolfowitz thinks corruption is someone else's problem. A developing-world problem. What he doesn't realise is that if you're a neo-Con you're part of the problem because you endorse the supply side of corruption services.

Wolfowitz was always part of that problem. All he's done is prove it. Now we need to change the definitions of corruption, for good. Then it will be much easier to eliminate it. But Wolfowitz has to go to let that happen.