The Treasury on financial literacy

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According to Accountancy Age the Treasury is keen to promote financial literacy.

I've a serious suggestion. They should be telling people what they do. I have some understanding of UK national economic data, but I have trained in economics and accountancy and have The Blue Book which approximates to the government's accounts. I also read things like Budget reports.

But what of the person without such dedication? Finding any reasonable overview data on national income and the government's role on it is fiendishly difficult in any reasonably comprehensible form. If you don't believe me see how long it takes you to find a figure for GDP on a government web site. You can have several thousand figures on the percentage change in it. But what the heck is the number? And what does it mean to an individual (after all, most people don't understand trillions). Those appear to be questions that no one wants to answer.

Financial literacy has to start at home. In this case that means in the Treasury. If they can't project their own data, they shouldn't ask others to take it on trust that they're in control. That's the first rule of transparency.