Norway hits corruption hard

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The foreign and finance ministries of Norway have combined to tackle corruption. It's worth looking at their web site to understand the significance of this. But perhaps the following quotes show the straightforward novelty of their approach:

"We are fighting the use of so-called tax havens to evade tax through international cooperation on tax matters. Other forums and types of cooperation are needed in the fight against money laundering, corruption, embezzlement and fraud. These types of misuse of funds have clear common factors. They involve the hiding of money and ownership. With a common 'enemy' of this type, is important that we support each other's efforts to combat the so-called tax havens,"

"We also need to do what we can to ensure that funds diverted through corruption are returned to those who are entitled to them".

The full text is worth looking at. They're serious.

And congratulations to TJN in Scandinavia who have had serious engagement with the Norwegian government on this issue.