Income inequality in the UK looks to be getting worse, and we were already doing badly

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I am grateful to George S Gordon for highlighting the fact that the OECD publishes the Palma Ratio (explained here) for the UK and other OECD countries. This is the chart:

The source data is here. Only the USA, Turkey, Mexico and Chile are worse than us in OECD linked states.

This is the EU data:

Only Lithuania is worse than us in the EU right now. And you wonder why we voted for Brexit?

And for those who think things have improved since 2008 note this data published by the Scottish government on its Palma Ratio:

The latest data, not so far reflected in the OECD sourced charts shows a substantial increase in inequality.

It looks like Chris Giles is very wrong to say that inequality in the UK does not matter. I would say it does, very much indeed.