Monopoly has a Magic Money Tree, just like the real world

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Based on comments received on the blog this morning I realised it as time I reacquainted myself with the rules of Monopoly. This is because of the comments made in last night's political debate. On doing so I discovered this (I added the highlight):

Monopoly reflects real life perfectly: the central bank can never run out of money. If it does, it can just create some more.

And because that is true to life that that's exactly why the UK can never go bust as long as it always borrows in sterling.

In fact, it's why, the government need not even borrow at all if it does not want to do so. After Brexit the Bank of England can simply make as much money as is needed to make the economy go round. No more, I stress, but definitely no less. That's what it has to do, with full employment as the aim.

Refusing to make the money needed to deliver that goal would just be callous. It would stop the game, just as in Monopoly, but with far more serious consequences in reality. But the Tories don't seem to realise that, which is why they guarantee us continuing hardship.

I hope YouGov are right: this election deserves to be a closely called thing.