The States may dump Trump but we can’t exit Brexit

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I note reports that suggest that the Republucans in the USA are working out whether and how to dump Trump as their presidential nominee. I admit that given that the alternatives look almost as bad that I can take little comfort from this, but there is a point worth noting. It is that there is a widespread belief in the US that the Republicans have made a serious error of judgement and that they are now looking to put it right. That opportunity is available to them.

In contrast I am really not sure the UK could exit a Brexit vote, even if it proves to be a serious error of judgement based on false pretences presented to the electorate.

I have no great love for the EU. It's just that, like it or not, it's better than all the other options available to the UK right now on a whole range of issues.

This is a time for pragmatic common sense, not futile idealism. We cannot correct this mistake if we make it.