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The Guardian / BBC story of alleged tax evasion at HSBC between 2005 and 2007 covers old ground for some of us who have been around the tax haven scene for some time. But, five years after i first covered the story there are still questions to ask.

First, why has HSBC survived all the scandals surrounding it with a banking licence?

Second, why has no one been prosecuted in HSBC in the UK as yet?

Third, why was Stephen Green allowed to be made a peer and a minister and why was he not made to resign as they HSBC scandals (for there have been many) unfolded?

Fourth, why is the Church of England now letting The Rev Lord Stephen Green (for the former chair of HSBC and HSBC private bank in Switzerland is a Church of England vicar on the side and, it seems, a mate of Justin Welby) shape the future direction of training for its ministers, based on the model of banking (unbelievably)?

Fifth, why has HMRC prosecuted just one case?

Sixth, why has so little money been recovered?

Seventh, why the collective blind eye turning from the upper echelons of society?

I would really like answers, even if some are probably predictable.

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