That Tory revolution and the rise of neofeudalism

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I wrote two blogs yesterday on what I called the Tory revolution - the plan to sell off as much of the government as possible before they leave office in 2015. The first related the plan, the second added commentary from Ivan Horrocks, a regular commentator on this site.

Another regular commentator, whose opinion is always welcome here, is Andrew Dickie. He responded to Ivan, and I think his comment worth sharing too:

Ivan and I have been in agreement on this before — this will be a Neo-feudal state, in which we subjects in the oligarcho-democratic state we now enjoy are transformed into serfs,without rights, in a feudal state where the land-basis of mediaeval fedualism will be replaced by a “territorial” carve-up on the basis of income streams from taxation = Prince HMRC and Duke NHS and Marquess Tertiary Education, and Earl Secondary Education — somewhat reminiscent of Prohibition Chicago!

These new “garagiste/card-sharping/rent-seeking” baronage know the price of everything and the value of nothing, and their only skills are those of rip-off and plunder, and are a universe away from the real economy and real wealth creation, which will be the task of the serfs — as it always was.

And oligarcho-democratic state? Well, we’ve never been a real, full democracy. First of all we are still currently “subjects” under the Crown, rather than being free citizens of a truly sovereign state. Secondly, on top of this, the old landed aristocratic set-up, deriving from this monarchic/class principle and structure also constrained our free exercise of power as citizens, but that set-up was modified, to produce a semi-democracy, in response to popular pressure (we owe SO much of our current “freedom” to Chartism, Trade Union pressure, and the sacrifice of thousands of ordinary people in two World Wars — without those, the old feudal set-up would never have changed). So we have a oligracho-democracy.

This lot, however, want us truly to be subjects, lacking all rights, but bound to a money-making machine and elite, in which which we have a duty to pay, and they have the right to be paid. Frankly, I’m beginning to feel like one of those small businesses in Chicago that had to pay Al Capone protection money! That’s the set-up they’re after — obtaining money with menaces is the charge! Maximum penalty 14 years!

Labour should be putting down a marker — a future Labour Government will bring all these illicitly disposed of mutually created assets back under democratic control, without compensation where possible, which, given that it is highly likely that their new “owners” will already have made more than they have paid for the assets, will be easy to justify.

I wish Andrew was being melodramatic. The trouble is all he says is justified and wholly foreseeable. The need to challenge this imminent disaster grows by the day.