What’s the difference between Bono and Jimmy Carr?

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Bono and Jimmy Carr have both in their time been revealed as tax avoiders. But there's a big difference.

Jimmy Carr has said he was badly advised, has admitted he's made a big mistake and has said he'll change. We've all made mistakes. He's admitted his. It's time to accept the apology and move on.

Bono hasn't admitted any mistake. He's argued it's his right to be "tax efficient", using tax haven practices of the sort also used to fleece billions from developing countries each year to enhance his already immense personal wealth. He's even gone so far as to argue that tax avoidance is one of the great Irish exports.

No wonder UK Uncut targeted Bono. They were right to do so. He deserves no respect at all. And he does continue to deserve to be named for being the hypocrite he is.

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