Why it’s fair to talk about David Cameron’s father’s tax affairs

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There has, apparently, been some disquiet about the Guardian attacking David Cameron's late father's tax arrangements, which were reported in the Guardian yesterday. The New Statesman did, for example, refer to this matter. I admit I have no such disquiet.

Cameron heads a party that believes in wealth, and the importance of passing it from generation to generation to maintain a position of privilege. Cameron's being prime minister is not as a result of his own efforts. He's prime minister precisely because of inherited wealth and position and precisely because his father's tax haven activities paid for Cameron to go to Eton, to be in the Bullingdon and to have the connections that sent him on the way to Number 10.

If Cameron did not seek to perpetuate inherited privilege and wealth we could ignore his father's way of earning a living, but he does argue that the son is the heir of his father - in which case his father's means of buying him his privilege are entirely fair game for political debate and those who say otherwise ignore the reality of the Tory position.