Your’s struggling but UK companies’ cash has gone up by 40% since 2008

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You are struggling.

The economy is struggling.

The government is struggling to balance its books.

But as the FT reports today:

UK companies (non-financials at least) are in a better place. According to analysts at Shore Capital, UK companies’ cash flow has grown 40 per cent since the depths of the financial crisis at the end of 2008.

So let me offer two explanations.

First, recession is good for very big business: they've slashed costs and wages, and floated their profits offshore.

Second, they don't want that to change so they argue for its continuation - hence their support for Osborne's suicidal economic policies.

Third, as Aditya Chakrabortty argued in the Guardian this week (admittedly with regard to banks, but he could have made the same point more widely) because Labour lives in fear of big business:

It means that opposition to the rule of banks isn't found in Westminster, but in tents outside St Paul's or among a few grizzled academics and NGO-hands — with no political vehicle to carry them. Meanwhile, the politicians declare that the national interest of Britain can be defined by what suits one square mile of it.

I'm happy to be one of those NGO-hands.

I just wish politicians would join in.

To read more, the answers are here.

And join the protests.