The first reaction to The Courageous State

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The first blog reaction to the Courageous State has come in, almost inevitably from Tim Worstall. He said, having read just one highlight that I've published:

My word, this book is going to be interesting, isn’t it?

The Courageous State, among other things, will:

Support the broader goals of family, community and society and the achievement of purpose through identity;

It’s not quite Kinde, Kuche und Kirchen but I can’t be the only person to find something vaguely fascist about it can I?

So promoting economic and social policies that support the family, community and society so that people can achieve their own goals is fascist, is it?

I think that's the first and last time I need to pay attention to what the libertarian right say about this book: Worstall single-handedly reveals just how first of all out of touch they are with normal human objectives and secondly how unable they are to engage in anything approaching meaningful debate.

There is one irony though: when he also wants ( as no doubt he will) to cast it as Marxist he might now have a problem. That would be rationally inconsistent, after all, and  a libertarian could never be that, could they?