St Paul’s confirms that all that matters to it is keeping it’s cash flow running – shame on them

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The following statement was issued by the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral this morning:

The Dean & Chapter of St Paul’s Cathedral issued the following statement this morning (Monday 17th October):

"Services at St Paul’s Cathedral were able to take place as normal this weekend but the last few days have not been without various challenges. Our chief concern is that St Paul’s be allowed to operate as normally as possible and for all people to be respectful of this need.

Public safety has been a major concern. We have been in constant touch with the police and community leaders. As the City of London returns to work this morning we are monitoring the situation carefully.

On Sunday the protestors did reduce their presence on the landing and steps of the West Doors enough to allow people to come in to worship throughout the day.

It is also now important that the thousands of visitors wishing to visit the cathedral and to enjoy our hospitality this week are able to do so freely and that the daily life of St Paul’s Cathedral can continue without serious interruption."

It's an extraordinary comment to issue. What's important to them? That the Cathedral can carry in as normal. What does that really mean? That its turnstiles can continue to take the money. That is what that statement really means. This, as they make very clear, is their chief concern.

Any mention of the poor and those protesting on their behalf? No, none at all. Any Christian message at all? No, none. Just a wish that things carry on as normal and the cash keeps flowing.

That's appalling. And what it confirms is that they really do think two things. The first is that their neighbours in the City have no questions to answer. The second is that the prime concern of the Dean and Chapter is running a tourist attraction.

Shame on them.