It’s not just HMRC

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It’s not just HMRC who make computer errors.

I got the following in an email form Easyjet at 2.20 this morning:


We are really sorry to inform you that we have been notified by the French Authorities that there will be Industrial Action in France by Air Traffic Control on Tuesday 7th September 2010, this means that your easyJet flight 3467 to CPH on 07/09/2010 has regrettably been cancelled.

We always aim to provide the best possible experience when flying with easyJet, however from time to time situations such as this arise which are out of our control.

Which is interesting, as the flight landed in Copenhagen, admittedly 2 hours late, at 11.45 last night — and I was on it.

The private sector is really not very good at these things.

And we imported their inefficiency into HMRC.

That’s when it all went wrong.

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