Jersey’s tax morality

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The Jersey Evening Post has reported that:

Forcing [tax exile] residents to pay more tax would be immoral.

So said Treasury Minister Terry le Sueur. In an e-mail to all States Members, Senator Le Sueur said that the Island's 149 1(1)K tax resident exiles paid £8 million tax in 2006 compared to £10.7 million in 2004 but warned that:

to change the conditions of their residencies would place the States on dangerous ground, legally as well as morally.

The man has a strange perception of morality.

He's also lousy at economic management, getting less than £54,000 a head from this lot.

I'd add Le Sueur is a practicing Catholic. It seems that many Catholic aid agencies in Europe now support TJN. Catholic social teaching is hostile to his position as well.

That's unsurprising. Since when did morality mean providing a tax system that helps damn the majority to poverty whilst assisting a few to pay less and less tax? It would be a sick joke that the term had been used in this way but for the fact that it's true.

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