Liechtenstien: tax evasion is like a motoring offence

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The ambassador of Liechtenstein in Germany, Prinz von und zu Liechtenstein has been quoted in Der Speigel in German saying that tax evasion isn't legal in Liechtenstein and that:

This is often overlooked in this heated debate. We also don't invite anybody from abroad to do it.

However he added:

Tax evasion is, however, dealt with differently in Liechtenstein. When somebody evades taxes here it's as though you breach the traffic rules. It's then simply settled.

All rather secretly in fact. So secretly, I suspect, that no one knows whether it's ever happened. How convenient, but the fact is that decriminalising something in Liechtenstein does not make it legal elsewhere. And those people who will have evaded tax in Germany will not have evaded tax in Liechtenstein anyway: their foundation are tax free there. It's in Germany that the tax evasion has taken place. So explaining Liechtenstein law on the subject is of no consequence. What matters is that Liechtenstein supplied the mechanisms to allow the evasion to take place in Germany.

The evidence seems clear that he is avoiding the issue and exonerating those who are evading tax by belittling the issue as inconsequential. In that case I stand by my suggestion that Liechtenstein is a corrupt state that knowingly supports the supply of corruption services.

NB: Thanks to Nicola Liebert for the translation.

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