VAT: The Tories’ favourite tax

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The Other TaxPayers' Alliance | VAT: The Tories’ favourite tax.

Clifford Singer lists a long whole range of alternatives to a VAT rise, which the Tories are bound to deliver, and notes:

Let's also remember who increased VAT from 15% to 17.5% in the first place: that party of low taxes, the Conservatives, in 1991. And who increased it from 8% to 15% before that? The Tories, in 1979.

That 1979 rise was particularly deceitful as it followed chancellor-to-be Geoffrey Howe's election promise that "we have absolutely no intention of doubling VAT". The Daily Mail listed the "double VAT" charge as one of "Labour’s dirty dozen lies" days before the election. The Ministry of Truth website lists Howe's promise as one of its "top 10 political porkies of our time".

No doubt to be repeated soon.

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