The foundations of a new order in tax responsibility

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The UN PRI is probably not that widely known. Standing for the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, it is a partnership between business and the UN:

Based in London, it is doing good thinking on the relationship between tax and responsible investing. The latest report from it on this issue, just out, looks at current tax practice and includes this summary of its findings on two sectors (healthcare and IT) and progress against the recommendations the UNPRI made last year:

This is an initiative I have been pleased to work with. My concerns about macro savings practices are well known. But I simultaneously (and entirely consistently) believe that we will continue to live in a mixed economy, in which case creating a strong level playing field for business where each discloses the role it plays in society for the benefit of all stakeholders is vital.

As these findings show, there is a long way to go. But progress is being made, principles are being established and monitoring is happening. Those are the foundations of a new order in this area.