Making the peers work is part of taking back control

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The FT reports this morning that Theresa May is planning to appoint twelve new peers to increase her chances of getting Brexit legislation through the Lords.

It is somewhat ironic that the process of taking back democratic control requires the appointment of unelected legislators.

It’s worse that this will boost the numbers in the House of Lords. Whatever its merits or demerits few disagree that the Lords has too many members, many of whom do little or no work. If May wants new peers she could follow the Burn recommendation of one in for two out in an attempt to reduce numbers. Right now though that would mean that she could appoint six new peers, at most.

Alternatively she could simply ask for resignations. Those Tory peers who do not work should be asked to resign to make way for the ones she thinks will.

And if there are no resignations she would simply introduce a 15 year term rule.

Leave them with the titles if you want. But make this place work. It’s the least she can do if she says she’s taking back control.