There is empty property in Kensington

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My comments on requisitioning property in Kensington proved both popular and controversial yesterday so I am pleased to have been pointed in the direction of some research that shows that there is empty property in the borough. Bryan Rylands pointed out this excellent blog by Who Owns England? I recommend reading it. And for the record, it would seem that there is property available, as shown on this map:

As they say:

The truly insane thing about this map are the blue dots showing homes that have been empty for 4,200 — 5,734 days. That’s homes that have lain empty for between 11 and 15 years. I count about 50 of them.

They may not, of course, be suitable for habitation right now as a result. But the point is that there is empty property. And that means that the option of requisitioning is viable.