Sorry is such an unusual word

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Because I forgot to take a hay fever tablet on Sunday I woke at two in the morning with a blocked nose and was coughing and spluttering. I knew I'd need a cup of tea before getting back to sleep. Whilst I was drinking it I watched the video of Jeremy Corbyn's speech in Sunday night that I linked to here. I was impressed.

When I woke on Monday morning I decided that the time had come to acknowledge that Jeremy Corbyn has been a vastly better Labour leader than I ever expected and that an apology was owing. So I bashed one out, and within minutes it had been published.

Somewhat to my surprise it was read over 40,000 times yesterday. With the other blogs that were posted and the usual run of traffic the result was the busiest ever day in this blog's history. There were 56,000 reads on this blog yesterday. My apology even got reported in the Independent.

I could not help but ask why. I am a little surprised (to say the least) that my apology might matter that much. So I have concluded that what got attention was the fact that I simply said I had got something wrong in a world where Elton John has the last word on that subject.