Is anyone listening?

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There is a certain surrealness about blogging at present. There's this slight, but persistent and nagging feeling that no one is listening.

i am not talking about readership: that's doing nicely. I think the right word is impact. It's as if Brexit has swept everything off the agenda and for the time being there is no political capacity to think anything else. As a result the political classes (Scotland apart, it would seem, for their own good reasons) are disengaged with the realities of the world that still surrounds them.

Massive benefits injustices have been largely ignored.

The economy only exists through a Brexit lens.

The environment has fallen off the radar.

Defence is reduced (and that is the right word) to talk of gunboats.

A political crisis in Northern Ireland is almost ignored.

And it feels like we're all just talking into this void. I want to quietly scream that there's a real world of injustice, issues and lives lived short of their potential because of this.

But I have a feeling Westminster won't notice.