Five years in the Top 50

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My job is creating change. That said, it is hard to measure that. So whilst I have my doubts about how newspapers and magazines publish top lists of anything I admit there is always some gratification in finding myself in such lists. They do, at the very least , suggest someone is noticing what I'm  trying to do.

International Tax Review published its Global Top 50 in tax yesterday. I found myself in it (only the top 10 get a number ranking; the rest are just in it). And, as someone with time on their hands also pointed out to me (and a quick check suggests they are right), I am one of only two people International Tax Review credit with being in this ranking in every one of the five years that it has been published. Pascal Saint-Amans of the OECD is the person I share that honour with.

I am especially pleased to be in this year's list because it has a very definite new shape and feel to it. There are many more women for a start, and more activists, even if some overlap with an increased academic cohort. New entrants the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, Tove Maria Ryding, Allison Christians, Brigitte Alepin and old sparring partner Judith Freedman all stand out to me.

My thanks to international Tax Review, even if the interview with me is a somewhat garbled version of what I said to their journalist.