The poorest were not hit hardest by tax and benefit changes by chance: it was by design

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I quote at length from the Guardian on a new report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies out today:

Britain’s poorest families have suffered the most from the coalition’s welfare cuts and tax rises, according to a study by the UK’s leading tax and spending thinktank.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies said households were on average £1,127 a year worse off after the implementation of reforms since 2010.

Figures that assess the impact of the VAT rise to 20% and higher personal tax thresholds alongside a range of benefit cuts, found that the income of the lowest 10% of earners fell by more than 4% while the richest 10% suffered a drop of 2.6%.

The so-called squeezed middle were the least affected by cuts to tax credits and housing benefit that hit the poorest families.

I could write at length on this.

Or I could just say that this was not accident, but designer.

And that the designers deserve to be called by any and every term of abuse you care to throw at them.