Over here and under-taxed out Monday from Random House

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My publishers have issued the following press release for my new ebook, out Monday:

How and why are multinational companies in the UK able to avoid corporation tax while debt rises and public services are cut? And what can we do about it? Renowned tax expert and economic commentator, Richard Murphy, examines the evidence and offers solutions to the crisis.

Tax is one of life’s necessities. Isn’t it? So how come it appears to be optional for multinational companies such as Starbucks, Amazon and Google? As government spending cuts deepen and our economic recovery seems evermore distant, the public are increasingly outraged to hear of large companies somehow avoiding their responsibilities. Tax has never been higher up the news agenda with politicians and media alike scrutinizing the status of celebrities and companies to ensure that everyone is paying their ‘fair share’.

When Google, Amazon and Starbucks were pulled up in front of the Public Accounts Committee, many were stunned at how little corporation tax they paid (if at all) and there is a growing realization that we are not ‘all in this together’.
In this 30,000 word ebook, Richard Murphy, one of the most highly respected economic commentators in the UK, examines how this situation came about, who the villains of the piece are and why. He goes on to look at potential solutions and offers ways in which the story must change in the face of growing public awareness, which politicians and companies will ignore at their peril as taxpayers vote with their feet.
I'm recommending buying from Random House.