Make no mistake – the Tory plan is privatisation of the NHS – driven by KPMG

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This blog from SpinWatch is so importsant it needs quoting at length:

GPs won't have to turn to the private sector' to help with commissioning health services, said Andrew Lansley today in the Commons, trying to fend off accusations that the Tories are privatising the NHS with their reforms.

“The House knows my commitment to the NHS," he continued. “I haven't spent seven and a half years as shadow secretary and secretary of state to see the NHS undermined, or fragmented or privatised... That was never my intention. It is not my intention.”

Privatisation was ‘never his intention'? Someone should tell that to Mark Britnell, a former high-flyer in the Department of Health, now global head of health at KPMG, and recent appointee to David Cameron's “kitchen cabinet” of health experts to advise on health service reform.

Just six months ago, Britnell told a conference of private healthcare executives: “In future, the NHS will be a state insurance provider not a state deliverer.”

In case there was any ambiguity in that, Britnell explained to conference delegates (in a session called 'Reform Revolution'):

“The NHS will be shown no mercy and the best time to take advantage of this will be in the next couple of years."

How could Britnell, who made it into the top ten of the ‘100 most influential people in health ' last year - as well as into No.10 - have got Lansley so wrong?

Of course he hasn't got Lansley wrong.

And I can be unambiguous: Cameron knew what he was doing in appointing this man.

It is glaringly obvious that GP consortia cannot and will not run the NHS.

It is glaringly obvious that Lansley has set out to destro the existing infrastructure of the NHS - and is succeeding in doing so.

And there is only one explanation - and that is that they want to privatise the NHS.

And in the process they will introduce health care rationing. That's the logic of their plan for individual health care budgets - some of which are already being introduced. These allocate an allotted sum to a person for care....but no one has yet said what happens when that budget runs out.

When people die because the NHS won't provide for them - then  people might realise what the Tories are doing. And it will take a strong government, a government committed to nationalising in the public interest to take back into the public domain what should never be allowed to leave it - that will have to correct this damage.

And that will have to be a government far removed from the New Labour model.

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