Money 1: People 0

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There's gushing enthusiasm for the Euro bail out:

With an hour to go until trading begins on Wall Street, investors are expecting a very healthy start. The futures market indicates that theDow Jones index will jump 3.4% (to around 10,685 points) while the S&P 500 could rise over 4.2% at the open.

European markets are still on track to record strong gains today, with theFTSE 100 up 4.6% at 5359 (a rise of 236 points), the German Dax is 4.7% higher , while the French CAC is having the best performance of the major indices - up 8.3%.

So the wealthy are to get their state subsidy.

But any mention of saving the agony of the Greek epople who are going top suffer cuts likely to drive demicracy from their country?

Not a bit.


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