Who’s going to win?

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I’ve just voted in the general election. That’s possible as I have a standing postal vote.

In Norfolk South West the choice was easy. Lib Dem was the only option to keep out yet another Tory. And that probably won’t succeed.

Having said which, if Labour had been the progressive choice with best chance I would have voted Labour.

And in Brighton Pavilion or Cambridge I’d have voted Green — as Green New Deal colleagues with a good chance of election are standing in both.

In some seats in Wales and Scotland I’d have undoubtedly voted nationalist.

Fickle? Not at all. I want progressive politics in this country. Ideally, politics more progressive than any of the three main parties have to offer. I do know that the Tories will be a disaster for the UK. I do know they are seeking electoral reform in an attempt to keep them in power for good by abusing the whole concept f democracy — when I want real, much more broadly based democracy.

I genuinely fear the Tories will bring social disruption to this country.

I fear they will create mass unemployment — deliberately — once they have reformed parliament to ensure that they have a permanent inbuilt majority.

I admit I dread a Tory government.

I also fear a Lib Dem supported Tory government — except that if the Lib Dems hold a balance then the Tory electoral reform won’t happen and I think Clegg will sit out on the sidelines rather than join them in office.

My only hope if Cameron forms a government is that Mervyn King is right, and that labour and other progressives can get their act together in time to deliver the real change this country needs once the full horror of a Tory administration becomes clear.

What is undoubtedly true is we’re living in interesting times.

Democracy could be the real winner.

But however it is looked at, only at cost to the Tories whose anti-democratic instincts are all too apparent.

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