This is why I take on the libertarians

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Tory madrasa preaches radical message to would-be MPs | Politics | The Guardian .

The Guardian reports:

Tory parliamentary candidates have undergone training by a rightwing group whose leadership has described the NHS as "the biggest waste of money in the UK", claimed global warming is "a scam" and suggested that the waterboarding of prisoners can be justified.

At least 11 prospective Tory candidates, an estimated seven of whom have a reasonable chance of winning their seats, have been delegates or speakers at training conferences run by the Young Britons' Foundation, which claims to have trained 2,500 Conservative party activists.

This is the reality of the libertarian right - openly hostile to humanity at large, embracing abuses of human rights, putting profits before else, contemptuous of the needs of the majority, denying facts when it suits them, seeking to destroy society as we know it, and wishing to make life for most considerably worse than it is now to advance their own enrichment.

That's why I take them on here - and the bogus economics some of them use to support their arguments.

It's why others need to as well.

These people are a threat to the vast majority who live in the UK. And we should say it out loud, time and again.