Naming libertarians for what they are

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Traffic on this blog has been very high of late.

I have noted (and those who read the comments on this blog will also have noticed) that my blogs in support of government spending — which is the only (and I stress only) way to avoid depression in the UK and other economies - have not gone down well with the libertarian community. They think that all tax is theft; all government activity is bad and those who win a mandate for government spending from democratic electorates are ‘statists’.

These people — who wish to undermine society as we know it and who would end all social security, state pensions, public health services, state education and much more besides — want to overturn society as we know it. As one said recently — we should rely for support on our families churches, synagogues or mosques — but not the state.

This ignores the fact that many are simply outside those communities of support. For them I suspect the workhouse would beckon.

This Victorian concept of grudging charity is what these people promote — with the consequence of a random lottery of survival — and destitution for many.

I do not believe in this callous, self interested view of life. It offends my Christian beliefs that suggest we have a duty as a society to fulfil the instruction — present in all major religions — but not in libertarianism that we love our neighbour as ourselves.

Of course that requires that we love ourselves and that means we have rights — and that they should be respected. But there is no way on earthy civilised society can ignore the needs of others — and tax is the way we meet this need in our modern, complex society in which expectations of medical and social support are high —and the cost of meeting them as high.

Those who say otherwise are not offering an alternative within out society — they are suggesting we tear down our society and replace it with another. In doing so they show complete contempt for many, some (most, I suggest, by far)of whom are in the positions they are through no fault at all of their own. One on this blog has called those in need ‘an underclass’.

I make clear I think this as repugnant as racism.

I would reject this language from a racist. I would reject a call from the far left to over throw society.

Why is it then that this vicious, self interested and, might I suggest inherently socially violent group are allowed to make this sort of contribution — as they do all over so many blogs where those with real concern for society, from across the mainstream political spectrum, seek to discuss issues in an open, rational and respectful fashion?

I would love, for example, to see far-right libertarians thrown off the Guardian bogs as a matter of course — which might improve their appeal to many others as a result.

It is time we named these people for what they are — as being amongst the enemies of civilised society.

I am happy to do that. It would be good if others would do the same — and fight them as we do racists.

NB: Comments from known libertarian abusers will not be allowed on this blog entry, or any other on this site.

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