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Someone has just drawn my attention to Accountancy Age's Financial Power List for 2009. Of this it says:

In a year that will shape the future of the global economy, we look at the names to watch in 2009

And at number 25?:

Richard Murphy, tax campaigner, Tax Research Network

The public face of tax campaigning is often criticised for his controversial approach to tax issues. Of particular importance to Murphy is a globally recognised crackdown on low-tax jurisdictions, and his efforts in highlighting the issue have arguably lifted its importance on the government's agenda.

Looks like they can't decide if I'm Tax Research or Tax Justice Network on this occasion, but either way I make the customary, but totally appropriate point that this reflects the work of an awful lot of other people too, not least John Christensen and Prem Sikka. And my wife too - easily one of the most important but wholly unacknowledged people in this campaign.

It would also be good if they stopped referring to tax havens as low tax jurisdictions. They're not. They're promoters of regulatory abuse behind a veil of secrecy - which is something quite different - and tax is just one of the areas in which they undermine democratic governments in fulfilling their mandates.

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