Leichtenstein: Where’s the Center for Freedom and Prosperity on this one?

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I thought I should have a look at what the Center for Freedom and Prosperity had to say on the Liechtenstein debacle. They are, after all, the self proclaimed promoters of all that is beneficial (as they see it) about tax havens.

Do you know what? There's not a word on the evolving situation on their site. Not one. Dan Mitchell struck for something to say? There is a first.

What I did find on their site was this:


November 1 to 3, 2000


Liechtenstein - A Special Example of Economic
Freedom and a Free Market Economy?

Ambassador Dr. Hubert B?ºchel,
Director of the Office of National Economy, Vaduz

It's a clear endorsement of what Liechtenstein stands for.

They've got a lot of wriggling to do to get out of this one.

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