IASB nominated for corporate irresponsibility award

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Each year the Berne Declaration presents the "Public Eye" awards during the Davos economic summit.

One award made each year is for Corporate Irresponsibility. The usual criteria for selection is choosing to do the wrong thing when knowing what the right thing was.

The Tax Justice Network and the Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs have nominated the International Accounting Standards Board for this award this year for pursuing the adoption of IFRS 8 when it knew that our alternative proposal would tackle transfer pricing abuse and world poverty whilst enhancing shareholder value, reducing shareholder risk and massively increasing stakeholder accountability.

The nomination can be found here.

Ten reasons for country by country reporting of the type we requested from the IASB, and as rejected by them, can be found here.

If accepted for shortlisting the nomination has to be backed up by a detailed submission. The award will be presented in January 2008.

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