OECD calls UK to account

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You can see why the American-right don't like the OECD.

I mentioned my distaste for the UK's tolerance of some aspects of corruption earlier today. Now I notice that the OECD is calling the UK to account dropping the enquiry into corruption at BAE. as the Guardian reports:

The head of the working group on bribery at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development confirmed yesterday he had written to the government before Christmas demanding an explanation for its controversial decision.

His unusual move is embarrassing for Labour ministers - including the chancellor, Gordon Brown - who have led a campaign at the 30-nation OECD for tough action to stamp out money laundering, especially by terrorist and criminal groups, and other forms of corruption, including the abuse of offshore financial centres.

That's precisely why we need things like the OECD. I make no pretence they get everything right, and it's exclusive membership alienates the developing world, but the OECD has done good work on corruption and tax abuse. I'm pleased that they're willing to stand up to a leading member and say 'this was not good enough'.

Because it wasn't.