In April 2020 I requested funding for this blog for the first time, at a time when my funding was looking pretty uncertain as a consequence of the onset of the coronavirus crisis. I am genuinely grateful to all who responded to my appeal for funds: it made a big difference.

However, as I have now noted, my core research work has now attracted new funding, and I am hopeful that it might continue to do so.

Welcome as this is, that leaves one part of the activities of Tax Research UK unfounded. During the early months of the coronavirus crisis I began working with Mark Cooney to create videos on topical issues relevant to the themes I address on this blog.

Mark and I established the aim of producing one of these every day. This goal is assisted by the fact that I never seem to run out of things to talk about, and Mark is a pretty efficient video producer who appreciates that the goal of these videos is to provide content, above all else.

These videos have proved to be popular. The YouTube channel for them now has over 2,000 subscribers. We have had enough viewing hours to now permit us, if we wanted, to add adverts to them and so raise pay-per-view funding for them.

However, we all know that YouTube adverts are annoying, and we all skip them as soon as we can. And so Mark and I have agreed to try to fund the ongoing video production work from donations, which will continue as a result. We really appreciate any support that you can supply.

The easiest way to donate is via Paypal: there is a link on the right-hand side of this page. However, if you do not want to use Paypal for any reason (and we appreciate that there are grounds for not doing so) then please email me at and I will provide bank details so that a direct payment can be made instead. That also saves charges!

The funding you will provide will pay both of use for the effort expended, and contribute to Mark’s equipment costs (and that’s a pretty big expense).

Your donations will also be used to expand what we do. Our aim is to now expand the range of videos that we are producing. We will continue the daily commentaries. But we also plan to publish a series of videos that will create a glossary of terms that the blog uses on a regular basis.

What Mark knows from spending too much time listening to me is that much of the language that I think is commonplace is quite often hard for other people to comprehend. So, we are looking at ways to explain that language in both video and blog formats. The aim is to demystify this most important of subjects that we all need to understand.

Any help you can provide to permit this would be much appreciated.