The Tax Research Wiki

The Tax Research wiki has three objectives. The first is to provide background information on key issues that might need explanation repetitively, such as country-by-country reporting.

The second is to be a platform for some new research on what might be considered standing data, such as how the tax system works and what the consequences are.

The third is to act as a repository for blog posts that can explain recurring themes such as money creation and the relationship of that to tax.

What I have not intended is that the wiki answer all known questions on tax and political economy: time will not permit that.

Comments will not be taken on the wiki: I have no intention that this be a free-for-all. Comments can be made by email. You are also invited to submit copy or suggestions (with urls for links please) via email or as comments and I will consider them. That way the wiki can grow but without having to spend forever editing corrections, which would very rapidly kill it.

The categories the wiki will cover will also grow. Currently available themes are: