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I have this morning asked a question in the long video of the day, which is what people might want of the videos I am now creating.

The video creation exercise has proved to be a successful, if expensive, exercise. In just three months, we have increased YouTube followers to 13,000, an increase from 8,000. Meanwhile, TikTok followers have reached 9,000 from a standing start just three months ago. For reasons we don't understand, Instagram has not yet taken off. We are now working on that.

More importantly, YouTube views exceed 335,000 in the last month, and TikTok has more. The video traffic now easily exceeds that on this blog. That is something I did not expect so soon. The message is getting out there. It is also reaching a younger age range.

As you will also have noted, blog output has not fallen either, although posting the video transcripts seems to help that, and that does, in fact, seem to be the way that most readers of this blog do use the video material: the number switching from here to YouTube is really quite low and the audio files only average about 100 listens a day. It's my plan that blog output will not fall.

That said, that is only possible because I am employing my son part-time on the project. That's still quite expensive, and so far, we have spent more than £8,000 on equipment for the project, which may well reach £12,000 by the time we complete the set-up, not least because a second camera would make sense and, with lenses, the one we're using cost more than £4,000. It's a cost I have decided to incur, believing it will have a long-term benefit, but in the future we may look at ways to raise contributions towards running costs without putting up paywalls.

One way to do this might be to seek contributions towards specific series of videos that it might now make sense to make. An example is a series that might well start this week, for which I have nearly thirty titles listed already. This will be on the almost costless changes to the law that Labour could make to deliver real change in society for the benefit of everyone.

Such changes have long been a feature of Labour governments (abortion reform, legalising homosexuality, and the minimum wage are obvious examples). I am not suggesting all the changes I will propose are as big as that, but the idea of a video series does make sense. The aim is to hook people in and get them to binge-watch video after video.

So, my question is, are there video series that people would like me to make? I offer these as examples, but I am looking for suggestions as well. You can vote for four, just so that we get some idea of priorities.

What video series would you like?

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