What does an unemployed ex-Tory MP do?

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This morning's short video has now been published. In it, I note that there are hordes of newly unemployed ex-Tory MPs. They can't all get a job on GB News. So what are they all going to do when after years in parliament, and with contact lists that no one wants, they have no useful skills to offer anyone?

You can view the video here.

The transcript is:

What does an unemployed ex-Tory MP do?

I really don't know the answer to that question.

In a great many cases, just look at them. What a rabble. And they're now all going to be looking for alternative employment.

Well, not all of them. Some got returned, but not many.

And as a consequence, once they've looked at their P 45, shut down their constituency office, their office in Westminster, sacked their staff, they too will be on the  dole queue.

And what skills have they got to offer? It's a really interesting point. A few of them, of course, are barristers, or lawyers, or accountants, or doctors.

The vast majority, what are they good for? I really don't know. After a life in Westminster, do you have any really transferable skills that anybody might want?

Unless, of course, they want your contacts book. And most of these people won't have contacts books worth having.

So, welcome to the real world, ex-Tory MPs. You're going to be facing a struggle like the rest of us.

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