I could be wrong about this, but I doubt it

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We have a Labour government. For the sake of the record, and of setting a benchmark for my expectations, this is what I expect to happen over the next five years.

There will be no significant increase in growth.

There will be a significant increase in wealth, but only for a tiny minority.

Inequality will not be tackled.

Nor will poverty be tackled in any meaningful way.

A million children might still be living in poverty in 2029.

There will be nothing like the planned new number of houses. 

There will be very little progress on global heating, and the prospect of missing all targets will increase significantly.

Palestine will not be recognised.

There will be substantial privatisation within the NHS.

A new form of private funding arrangement for infrastructure will be created, at significant current and future cost.

Constitutional reforms will be decidedly limited.

The House of Lords will remain.

Scotland and Wales will be alienated.

16 and 17-year-old might be granted the vote, but the practical impediments to them voting will continue.

The right to protest and the protection of the freedom of speech will be further restricted. It will be claimed that society needs protection from those who are pointing out the dangers of climate change.

Trade union rights will not be restored.

The Bank of England will remain independent, with unfettered power to destroy value within the UK economy.

Food bank demand will increase.

Safe means of passage for migrants wishing to come to the UK to seek asylum will not be created.

NHS waiting list will remain above acceptable levels.

There will be employment crises in the NHS, education, the court system, social care, local government and elsewhere as Rachael Reeves demands austerity.

More councils will go bust.

So, too, will universities. And maybe NHS trusts, and schools.

There will still be shit in rivers.

Water companies will remain in private ownership.

The railways will still be managed by private companies.

The future of public libraries will be in doubt.

The future of public parks will also be threatened.

There will be more billionaires in the UK.

The average overall tax rate will increase, but there will be no obvious benefit from that happening.

The so-called national debt will rise, probably also as a proportion of GDP.

Interest rates will fall (unless external shocks happen), but not by nearly enough.

In 2029 Labour's majority will look to be very vulnerable. No one will be happy with them.

And, of course, I could be wrong. But Labour's honeymoon period will be very short and the romance will disappear soon after. Then, there will just be much to regret.

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