Trump’s rigging the law in the USA

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I have published this video this morning. In it, I argue that Trump packed the Supreme Court of the USA with his mates, and now they're returning the favour by granting him immunity for his actions when in office. Will he use that power to persecute those who he sees as his enemies? You'd be a fool to think otherwise.

The audio version of this video is here:

The transcript is:

Trump's rigging the law in the USA so that he can pursue his enemies if he gets back into office.

What do I mean?

Trump managed to pack the Supreme Court of the USA - SCOTUS as it is called - with three new members during his period in office. That's a surprising number of Supreme Court judges for any President to appoint because there are only nine in total, and few get to appoint more than one or two as a result because they're appointed for life, sometimes at the age of 45 to 50 and can be there well into their 80s. But Trump, by chance, managed to pack that court with his nominees, and there were already some who were already favourable to his opinion there.

The consequence is that he has managed to shift the whole balance of power within the U.S. government system away from Congress or the Senate. Or even, to some extent, the President to the Supreme Court. And those are the four locations of power within that federal system.

The Supreme Court has now ruled that a president cannot be held criminally liable for his actions as President whilst in office.

Now you can see the consequence of that. You could see a President who wanted to use his period in office to pursue those who he considers to be his enemies - and I'm using the word ‘he', by the way, simply because we've not yet had a female US president - to use that opportunity. To literally victimise people who he has said have offended him.

Remember 2016? He campaigned on the basis that Hillary Clinton should be in jail.

He's now saying that Joe Biden should be spending time in jail.

There are a lot of other people who he certainly is extremely violent towards, in his language at least.

And there are a great many people who he might want to pardon for the crimes they have already committed.

Maybe the Supreme Court will let him do that.

Highest on his list will be himself because some of the cases outstanding against him, which will not be tried until after the Presidential election is over, could be suspended as a result.

Now, this is profoundly dangerous.

I don't think it would be profoundly dangerous if we didn't have the prospect of a fascist president. Let's be clear, I would trust, I think, almost every previous US president not to abuse this power. They understood the limitations of their office.

But does Trump? No. He wants to abuse. That's his whole purpose. In the hands of a fascist President, this turns the President from being, well, President into king - the person with ultimate supreme power.

Which, of course, was exactly what the U. S. rejected in the 18th century when they fought the Battle of Independence to get rid of British monarchial rule.

And they've got it back. Trump has re-established it. And the people of the USA should be very worried.

Most particularly, those who have stood out against Trump should be worried.

Because this man will play the role that fascism assigns to him, of the supreme strongman, and use it against those who he considers his enemies, but who others might think are upholders of the law.

It's a deeply worrying situation.

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