The exist poll confirms that in this election we were all the losers

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So, the exit poll is pretty much as expected.

The Tories have their worst ever result.

The SNP will pay the price for their own chaos.

The Greens might make some of the progress they deserve.

Ed Davey will lead what might well be the most coherent and confident opposition group in parliament.

The Reform forecast is worrying.

And Labour looks like it might end up with maybe 280 backbench MPs, most of whom will never make the front bench and some of whom, I am already sure, will be more than willing to cause trouble for the Whips. This is going to be an incredibly difficult majority to manage.

So who lost? We did. That's you and me. This outcome does not in any way reflect the opinion of the people of this country.

We did not want a massive Labour majority. Most of us, in fact, did not want a majority Labour government. We would have happily settled for a Labour led coalition.

So what does all this say? The one thing the exit poll confirms is that we were all robbed of the result we deserved.

Worse, Keir Starmer is intent on continuing to do that. He says that proportional representation is not on his agenda. We have to conclude that he is no friend of democracy.

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