Please go out and vote today

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This morning's short video has now been published. In it, I ask that whatever else you do today, please take part in democracy for your sake and everyone else's.

And please do remember to take the ID the Tories required of you to suppress the vote.

You can view the video here.

The transcript is:

Please go out and vote today.

That's my one big request of you.

Whatever else you get up to during the day, and whoever you vote for - because I'm not trying to influence your choice - please do vote.

People died for the right to vote.

People around the world long for the right to vote.

 And our electoral system is deeply flawed, I know. But voting matters. Voting changes things. This election will at least consign the Tories to history for a long time, if people vote.

And on that one point I definitely agree with the Labour Party.

But whatever your choice, please go out there. Put a cross on a piece of paper and say you made a change.


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