How are you going to spend election night?

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How are you going to spend election night?

I always face a dilemma on election nights. I am by inclination a lark. I go to bed early, and rise early, as must be apparent to any reader this blog. Most nights I will be in bed by 10, put on election night that is clearly not going to happen.

There is no way on earth that I am going to miss discussion of the exit poll, or have the opportunity to comment on it. But the question is, what to do after that?

I know Sunderland's result will be in at around midnight, but so what, since most of the time (and I recall the exceptions) it provides no real indication of what is actually going to happen.

So, is it exit poll, and off to bed before 11, before getting up again by five, or do I just go for the all nighter, and wreck Friday and much of the weekend, because it takes me that long to recover from such a thing now?

Any suggestions?

And how do you plan to do this?

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