Despondent is my mood, in one word

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Let me summarise my mood.

I fear that Labour's plans for this country are truly terrible.

The Tories may get just too many seats to be wiped out - but have more than enough to split.

If the LibDems win my constituency I will be pleased, but how do they make a difference? I don't know.

Reform as the fourth party is a disaster. And Labour will do nothing to arrest their progress.

I worry for Scotland. Labour treats it with contempt.

And I have fingers crossed for at least four Greens, because that would make a big difference , but may not happen.

So, how do I feel? Despondent. Despairing. Angry at Labour. Taking little comfort from Tory losses, and worried that those with real convictions have not made headway.

I am going to sleep now.

At 5 I will reappraise things.

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