Arrogant and offensive: a swansong for the Tories

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Old friend of this blog, Mark Northfield, has written a swansong for the Tories:

As Mark says of this:

It's the end of an era here in the UK and as the Tories circle the electoral plughole ever faster I felt like marking the occasion with a new release, accompanied by a 'closing credits' video for 2010-2024. What a time that was.

The music is (largely) an arrangement of Rossini's William Tell galop and the lyrics taken from a brave, excoriating and still responant tweet sent out via the official UK Civil Service account in summer 2020, shortly after the Cummings Barnard Castle affair.

The original version was one in a multi-year series of anti-Brexit/anti-populist satirical mash-ups (you can find a playlist of them on my YT channel, linked above) which I bashed out at home in an attempt to process the ongoing shitshow and find some kind of creative cathartic release.

This perky and properly recorded new arrangement is performed by me with my trio Cherry Mint Koala, featuring fruity vocal assistance from good eggs The Cavendishies.

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