Talking economic policy with the Scottish Greens

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Continuing my series of interviews with economic commentators pro-independence politicians in Scotland, the National has now issued my interview with Scottish Green MSP, Ross Greer:

I enjoyed this interview, which was significantly more relaxed than that with SNP spokesperson, Drew Hendry. Hendry was defensive, most especially in the first half of the interview I had with him. Greer was anything but that, coming into this conversation in a surprisingly open way.

The fact that the SNP expect to win seats in the general election in Scotland and the Greens (who are a separate party from that in England and Wales, with distinctly different policies on some issues) do not might explain that. Ross Greer was focused more on Holyrood than Westminster as a result, but I tried to maintain a focus on UK issues.

The other reason why this discussion was more relaxed, perhaps the most relaxed of those that will be included in this series, is that Ross Greer clearly understands tax, its social consequences and its use as a policy instrument at both economic and social levels. That is very rare among politicians and stands Greer out in this area.

The discussion focussed on economic policy alone. What it did, however, highlight was that there are big divides between the pro-independence parties. I see no harm in that. The idea that Scottish independence and the SNP are synonymous is wrong. There are more players than them, and they have distinct policies to offer. That is what made this series worth making.

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