The Brexiteers are losing faith. Remainers are not.

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One has to take good news where you can find it these days. This seemed like a rare glimmer of hope to me, from Byline Times:

Brexit has been the defining feature of Westminster politics since 2014, thwarting progressive parties and helping to sustain a long period of reactionary Conservative rule.

The intricacies of Brexit have been rehearsed and rehashed for more than half a decade, and the common narratives are difficult to dislodge.

However, evidence increasingly suggests that attitudes to Brexit are changing; that it’s no longer the binding force that propelled Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party to an 80-seat majority in December 2019.

This is confirmed by new Byline Times polling, conducted by Omnisis, showing that previously pro-Brexit cohorts of voters are now increasingly apathetic towards the policy – all while anti-Brexit voters are still firmly opposed to our separation from the EU.

The analysis in the article is confusingly presented, but a good summary is this:

In short: Brexit is no longer the binding force that it was in 2019 among Leave voters, whereas it is still a unifying issue among those who voted Remain.

The polling also shows that Mr Brexit, Boris Johnson, no longer draws political strength from his association with the project.

The Brexiteers are losing faith in the light of the evidence of Brexit's failure, in other words. Those of us who always said it was going to be a disaster have in the face of that same evidence unsurprisingly stuck to our convictions.

So, why is Keir Starmer getting everything wrong on this? I wish I knew.