Take a practical step to tell the government how ridiculous it is: take part in the consultation on imperial measurements and tell the government to stop being stupid

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I take part in more government consultations than I suspect most people do. That comes with my job. By and large it feels like a thankless task. The consultation process is usually a farce. The outcome is predetermined. The government is most especially uninterested in hearing from civil society and academics.

However, every now and again there is a consultation worth taking part in. That on Channel 4’s privatisation was. 96% of people opposed it. And another that might also be worth submitting to is that on the use of imperial measures.

We all know that this consultation is a farce, but that’s precisely why it is worth taking part. The aim is to tell the government to stop being stupid.

The consultation document is here.

You can submit using a Word document that looks like this:It can be downloaded from here.

You submit it by mailing it to UnitsofMeasurement@beis.gov.uk

My version looks like this.

Something similarly dismissive should do just fine, and require little effort. But, the more who reject this nonsense the more stupid the government looks to be. And that seems to be especially relevant today. Give it a go, I suggest.