The failing state is now out in the open for all to see

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Prince Charles and Prince William are presenting the Queen's Speech today in their role as Royal Commissioners. There are two either Commissioners. One of them has apparently rejected royalty as unfit for purpose and the other is barred from royal duties by the monarch as he is unfit for office, in her opinion.

Simultaneously we have a criminal, corrupt, lying, incompetent neo-fascist  as a prime minister, who it is said will not leave Downing Street  unless a flame thrower is involved. So democracy looks to be failing.

And we have a media hounding the Leader of the Opposition  for eating at a work meeting, when the Tory who led the charge against him is on record for having a lunch with the Gurkhas the very next day, without apparent work reason. And, the police have, very oddly, only chosen to investigate one of these incidents.

Might I suggest that we are seeing pretty robust signs that we are living in a failing state?